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Read what Basic Training graduates are saying about YMC!


YMC techniques are incredibly versatile and beneficial for a wide range of professions ranging from yoga teachers to educators and wellbeing facilitators or mentors in other fields. I have been employing YMC approaches in my work as university professor in musical performance as well as coaching private clients on performance anxiety management. My students and clients love this work!

Xenia Pestova Bennett | Belfast, Northern Ireland

I really appreciated the blending of Yogic Psychology and Part Work. It helped me orient in my own personal experience in new ways and it feels like has made my coaching work more impactful. I feel like I am able to navigate my coaching sessions with clients more skillfully and reflect their experience back to them with more clarity.

Travis Wals |  San Diego, California

YMC helped parts of me to open my heart to the endless possibilities that surround me. It helped parts of me recognize my strengths to build upon them. This program has also improved my overall communication with others. Understanding and putting to practice active listening when others speak has been transforming my relationships.

Angela Normand | Frisco, Texas

Karina's skillful integration of scriptural yoga and Western psychotherapy supports my soul. Yoga and Parts Work has uplifted my personal growth and healing, It's made me a more conscious parent, and a more effective executive director of a non-profit serving BIPOC and LGBTQ+. There's a reason I've completed three certification programs with Devidas, Karina Ayn Mirsky. Her work makes the unconscious conscious and empowers you with tools for self-love and healing. Train with with Karina. She has a waiting list for new local clients because my referrals fill her books!

Kama Tai Mitchell | Kalamazoo, Michigan
Executive Director of Rootead

Working through the program, I saw how it was helping me to shift my perspective in different situations. The parts work, horizontal and vertical coaching techniques are becoming a natural, integrated process that I use daily, most of the time without even realizing it.

Claire Good | Asheville, North Carolina

Personally, YMC has allowed me to be more compassionate with myself during stressful times.

Professionally, I can offer a deeper practice to my clients that combines the embodied work of asana with more cognitive inner work. I absolutely recommend Yoga Mindset Coaching! Both the Basic Training and certification programs were thorough, well organized, and taught by two wonderful teachers!

Val Aerni | Hamilton, Montana

The program and book here are life changing. The integration of Parts and their relationship to the Field have changed so much for me. I look at things differently in my day to day life. My personal practice allows me to question what comes up when it does. But teaching is where the real impact has been. The integration of Parts and the acceptance of the present ones are powerful, I can see it, and I will continue to integrate it into my teaching.

Chris Keithley | Springfield, Oregon: USA

I was so thankful to have the demonstrations and homework guidance. I was also really thankful for the printable worksheets for business income and expenses, such a great way to make sure you're prepared and to get an idea of what will be required to stay afloat.

Kelly Shook | Three Rivers, Michigan

The best tools for approaches to wherever you are at mentally, emotionally, and physically. Karina and Jerry are open to the experiences for all and willing to change their approaches to the material based on participants in the program and what they need in order to succeed.

Jamie Raymond Kalamazoo, Michigan

YMC helped me clarify and understand the chatter in my head. I feel less anxious using the techniques and practices I learned, and I'm able to be more present for people. This program teaches you so much about yourself, and it opens up a new level of understanding and empathy for others and their actions. It helps you to see the world in whole different way. It’s absolutely amazing!

Anett Francia | Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (via Csokako, Hungary)
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