Karina on Yoga Mindset Coaching

Training yoga teachers and working with individuals has been my heartfelt service for nearly two decades. I have a very diverse group of clients: yoga teachers, CEO’s, cancer patients, people of color, gay and trans folks, people with physical disabilities, devoted Jews, Christians and Muslims, straight cis white men, couples and non-monogamous folks.


All these diverse populations of people have one thing in common. They all experience suffering and want to suffer less.


Everyone wants to be happy in their relationships and more successful at something in their lives. And everyone, regardless of their social or economic status deserves to be happy and successful pursuing the purpose of their birth. My unique course of study in Yoga, East/West Psychology, and Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy gave me a unique perspective on the human condition. I saw a way to uplift and empower people which both honors tradition and also embraces the language of modern life. I also discovered how to embody a healing presence which allows others to access that presence in themselves. 


For the last ten years, I have been integrating IFS inspired coaching into my private yoga teaching business. All I can say is that it works. It makes the most valuable teachings of the yoga, the mindset, accessible to everyone and anyone. 


Yoga Mindset Coaching is a Western psychotherapeutic approach to embodying an Eastern spiritual philosophy.


It is an integration of ancient and contemporary wisdom. We utilize psychology, neuroscience and yoga philosophy for the purpose of transforming suffering and manifesting one's fullest potential. 

The Yoga Mindset is a state of consciousness empowered with knowledge of the inner field of experience, and the wisdom to tend to that field skillfully.


In other words, Yoga Mindset Coaches help our clients to see their own thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors clearly. We offer our clients perspective and tools to help them anchor in their own calm, stead center of consciousness so they can make healthy, life-affirming choices. YMC's also understand the mind-body connection. So we help our clients tend to discomforts, disturbances or imbalances in their bodies and levels of energy too.


The Yoga Mindset Coaching Programs are designed to help you Make a Difference and Make a Living Teaching Yoga.


The book tells you how to develop your own Private Yoga and Coaching Business. The programs teach you how to do it faster, easier and with a greater likelihood of success. They also connect you with the support of an amazing like-minded community.

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