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Our Founder, Karina Mirsky on YMC

Training yoga teachers and working as a Parts Work Therapist has been my heartfelt service for two decades.


I have a very diverse group of clients: yoga teachers, CEO’s, cancer patients, people of color, gay and trans folks, people with physical disabilities, devoted Jews, Christians and Muslims, couples, and non-monogamous folks.


These diverse populations all have one thing in common. They all want to suffer less.


Everyone wants to be happy and more successful at something. Many, need to regulate after trauma, grief, or burnout. Most, long for sustainable harmony in both their inner life and relationships.


My unique blend of studies in Tantric Yoga, East/West Psychology, Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy, and Neuroscience gave me a unique perspective on the human condition. Integrating these somatic, cognitive, and spiritual philosophies in private practice has been a game changer.  Leading trauma experts Bessel van der Kolk and Gaber Mate endorse inner systems work and yoga as valuable interventions for recovery from PTSD. Yoga Mindset Coaching combines these interventions into a single private session. 


Whether a client is trying to make a difficult decision or big life change, understand a dynamic at home or work, or heal emotionally, a YMC session can provide immediate clarity and relief.

The Yoga Mindset is empowered with knowledge of "the field" of inner experience, and the wisdom to tend to that field skillfully.


In other words, Yoga Mindset Coaches help our clients to see their own thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors clearly. We offer our clients perspective and tools to help them anchor in their calm, stead, center of consciousness so they can fully accept themselves and make life-affirming choices. YMC's also understand the mind-body connection. We help our clients tend to disturbances or imbalances in their nervous systems too.


Yoga Teachers, psychotherapists, healers, and coaches from around the world are using YMC to Make a Difference and Make a Living.


The book tells you how to develop your own Private Yoga and Parts Work coaching business. YMC Basic Training shows you how to do it faster, easier and with a greater likelihood of success. YMC Certification transforms you into a skillful, experienced coach through extended group practice and supervision. All YMC trainings connect you with a like-minded community of support!


The only way to understand the powerful impact of this work is it to have a direct experience with it yourself...

Find a YMC Coach or, join a Basic Training today! It'll change your life, give you tools to help others, and reveal to you if you want to become a YMC Certificated Coach. 

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