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Yoga Mindset Coaching Mission


Yoga Mindset Coaching™ aims to provide yoga teachers, holistic healers and coaches with innovative skills in which they can develop or elevate a Private Yoga and Coaching business. We aim to support the personal growth of each unique individual, so that they can guide others from their own direct experience with the benefits of YMC. We are committed to being ethical and equitable with our unique integration of Parts Work™ and Yoga. We aim to uphold the ethics outlined on both the Yoga Alliance and Internal Family Systems websites. We also aim to create access for underserved and under-privileged groups through YMC Equity Scholarships.

Equity Scholarship Program


We are committed to creating access for underserved populations. It's important for people within these populations to have skilled helpers and healers representing, and actively serving these groups.

Equity Scholarships are awarded to:

  • People of Color (any identity or ethnicity) 

  • People who identify as LGBTQAI+ 

  • People with Disabilities 


Each YMC Basic Training Program has 50% Equity Scholarships available for applicants who belongs to one of the groups above. 


You might be wondering, why 50%?


Research shows that humans value what we invest something monetary into. We show up to get our money's worth. This investment of attention yields the best results –and we want you to succeed! Karina is also committed to leading by example. By valuing her own work efforts, she models to us to how to value our own. Most people don't actually want a hand-out anyway, most genuinely want a to contribute something. So we think 50% give and 50% receive makes it an equitable partnership.


To apply for a scholarship:

  • Please complete the Program Application Form.

  • Submit the form and at least the $250 deposit on the same day.

  • We limit the number of scholarship participants per section based on total registrations, so we recommend registering 4-6 weeks prior to the start date of a training to secure your spot.

Payments & Refunds:

  • The deposit is applied toward the total tuition balance of the upcoming section. 

  • The remaining tuition balance is due by the start date. Extension can be made by request.

  • There are no refunds for this program, though tuition can transfer for up to one year.


See the PURPLE box at the bottom of the page for Scholarship Payments.

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