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Supervision, Assessment & Certification

Tracking Practice Hours

To graduate from the YMC Certification Program, you will need to document a minimum of 20 practice coaching hours. The more the better, (20-30 is recommended).

In your Pre-Entry email, you received a link to a folder which has instructions for how to track your practice hours. That same folder is where you will find notes from your Supervisor after each private supervision session.

Private Supervision 

During the Certification Program, you will have three, 90-minute supervision sessions with a YMC Trainer to receive feedback on your coaching practice video and notes. You also get to experience being a client of a YMC Certified practitioner.  Supervision sessions will happen about every 3 months. If you would like additional supervision sessions, you can schedule with a YMC Trainer, noting that you will need to pay their individual session fee. 

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Note: Supervision determines certification eligibility. See Final Supervision & Certification below.

Supervision Instructions


To prepare for each private session, follow the instructions listed here.


  1. Schedule Your Supervision - Leading up to each supervision, you’ll receive an email from your supervisor to schedule. Follow the instructions listed in the email.

  2. Get Client Consent - get written consent from your client to share your video with your supervisor before recording it. (No need to submit it.) Example email request

  3. Record Your Coaching Video - Though you will do a full 60-75 minute YMC session, you only need to submit a 20-30 minute video recording of the talk/coaching part session. (Do not include the yoga practice portion in the video)

  4. Take Detailed SOAP Notes of the entire session (include the yoga practice) to submit along with the video.

  5. Submit Your Video & Notes - one week before your session
    1. Recordings and SOAP notes must be submitted no later than 7 days before your supervision session. 

    2. Use this Submission Form (also a button in the Learning Center) to submit both recording and notes.

    3. Label both the video and the notes in the following format: YourName_ClientName_Date

  6. Prepare for Your Session - Your supervision session will be in two parts:


  1. The first part will be feedback on your coaching practice video. Come prepared with questions!

  2. The second part will be your own coaching session and is an opportunity to experience being a client of the model. You may want to consider what you want to work on beforehand, (or just see what comes up).

Final Assessment

Final Supervision & Certification Assessment

Your third supervision session is also your Certification Assessment. There are some additional requirements for this final meeting:
This final video must be 45-60 minutes, include instructing a yoga practice, and giving homework; and must demonstrate proficiency in each of the following:
  • Reflective Listening

  • Effective Horizontal Coaching

    • Reflecting in Parts Language

    • Identify and name trailheads

  • Vertical Coaching

    • Chose a trailhead

    • Asking powerful questions

    • Breathing Space Exercise

    • Healing Place or Spiritual Resources

  •  Instruct a 15-30 Yoga Intervention

    • Asana & Shavasana (systematic relaxation)

    • Pranayama and/or Meditation

  • Giving the client homework (parts awareness, journaling, yoga, anything!)​

  • EXTRA CREDIT: Rebooking, (or attempting to book) the next session

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Certification Process

Along with your extended video and written notes for the final supervision, you must submit your:

1. Practice Hours Tracker (with at least 20 documented practice hours)

2. Student Defense Form: Explain why you chose the trailhead and yoga practice you did, and explain why you feel ready to coach others using YMC. Download Student Defense Form

​At the end of your final supervision session your Supervisor will provide you with a detailed evaluation and inform you if you are approved for Certification at the completion of your 9-month enrollment. If you are approved, you will be awarded a certificate​​ and the rights to use the YMC logos and letters behind your name. You are still welcome to extend enrollment to continue on with the group if you want to stay engaged until CEU courses are available.

If you are not approved for certification and want to be YMC Certified, you have the option to continue on with training in the Certification program until you are ready to schedule another Certification Assessment Session.

  • Extends enrollment for three more months for $250

  • Includes one additional private supervision session

  • Let your supervisor know when you are ready for Certification Assessment again

To maintain a listing on the YMC website as a Certified Coach, you will need to complete one CEU course every two years, as a minimum.

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Post Graduation

Optional Continued Enrollment in Live Meetings!

If you would like to stay engaged in live meeting and group practice, you can continue your enrollment! No supervision is included in these extensions.

  • 12 months $500 (best value)

  • 6 months $350 

  • 3 months $200 

Note: Graduate enrollment in the Live Meetings does not include private supervision. If you would like to schedule supervision with a supervisor, you can do so at a discounted rate.

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