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Demo Center

Below are playlists of demos that highlight facets of the YMC coaching model.

(Written consent has been granted by all participants.)

See the timestamps in each YouTube Video Description to observe specific aspects of the coaching process.


Use the Note Taking Worksheet to follow along with demos!

More demos will be added to these playlists, so check back regularly!

Complete YMC Demos

(full session + yoga practice)

Click a button to watch a complete YMC session.
Follow along with the timestamps!
Horizontal Coaching Playlists

 Click on a playlist to see videos that demonstrate a Horizontal Coaching topic. 
Vertical Coaching Playlists
Click on a playlist to see coaching sessions that demonstrate that topic.
(Same videos appear in multiple playlists.)
See the Video Description in YouTube for the exact time stamp for the chosen topic.
Helpful Q&A's

Topics are listed. Hear the discussions after sessions.

Complete Session (56 min): Karina + Anne

Video Timestamps in YouTube

0:00 Getting to know "what's there"

3:27 Breathing space

4:43 Check for Self Energy

5:32 Befriending

9:05 Validating emotions

16:19 Invite Spiritual Energy for Healing

23:25 Healing time with Self

30:05 Part’s Gratitude

33:15 Yoga Intervention (Relaxation)

Anne 1

Complete Session (52 min): Karina + Anne

Video Timestamps in YouTube

0:00 Horizontal coaching: Medical condition

9:55 Breathing space

10:30 Work with Polarizations

12:25 Check for Self

15:30 Part to Self Connection

17:40 Vertical Coaching

20:10 Asking powerful questions

41:15 Checking in with all parts

45:57 Short practice on Gratitude

Anne 2

Complete Session (49 min): Karina + Anne

Video Timestamps in YouTube

0.00 Overwhelmed Manager

2:09 Breathing space

3:36 Vertical coaching

6:58 Asking powerful questions

14:36 Check for Self

15:50 Working with polarizations

21:46 Self to part connection

23:30 Asking powerful questions

42:37 Practice: Vagus nerve toning

48:40 Checking back in with all parts & gratitude

Anne 3
Alison 8/22

Complete Session (55 min): Karina + Alison

This demo starts with instructions on how you can "study" along with this video.

0:39 - Horizontal Coaching

6:20 - Breathing Space w/ Primary Part

8:20 - Checking for Self (discovering another part)

10:28 - Checking for Self again

11:23 - Resolving w/Primary Part (discover Manager)

12:10 - Working w/ the Manager

15:26 - Checking back in with the Primary Part

15:48 - Deepening "Self to Part" Relationship

22:50 - Shifting into a "Langhana "Yoga Practice

32:30 - Counter Posing & Stabilization (root chakra)

36:29 - Reconnecting to the Parts before Shavasana

47:34 - Shifting into Langhana Mediation

51:30 - Closing the Session & Client Reflections

Claire 08/22
Complete Session (75 min): Karina + Claire
Video Timestamps in YouTube

0:00   Horizontal Coaching
5:27   Identifying Trailheads
6:40   Parts Inquiry
10:00 Checking for Self Energy
14:47 Challenging Beliefs
20:50 Vertical Coaching

36:35 Spiritual Resource
52:18 Yoga Intervention
1:11:48 Weaving parts session into shavasana

Q&A after
Q&A After a Session

Below these full session videos are the timestamp links on the discussion that followed.
Parts Mapping, Polarizations: (Jerry + Karina)

19:10  Discussion:

  1. Drawing to externalize the field/system - track polarizations

  2. Healing is a cyclical process

  3. The goal of YMC to give clients more Self energy

Working with Strong Feelings: (Karina +Jerry)

27:50 Discussion:

  1. Using journaling to reinforce Self energy

  2. The goal of YMC to provide relief and more Self energy

  3. Importance of doing something in daily life to remember work

*NOTE: These two videos were recorded in the same Live Meeting:
Working with Strong Protectors: (Jerry + Vanidevi)

23:40 Discussion:

  1. Reassuring Protectors about not letting Exiles flood the system

  2. Can't bypass protectors

  3. Building part to Self relationship 

"Z's" in Relationships: (Karina + Barbra)

29:41 Discussion:

  1. Viyoga & Samyoga

  2. Nervous system regulation after panic or anxiety

  3. Being client led

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