YMC Certification Program Registration

Congratulations on saying YES to investing even further yourSelf.  This certification program will give you the practice, feedback, and additional tools to be a confident and effective Yoga Mindset Coach.

Application Process:

Step 1: Read statements of agreement

Step 2: Choose a Payment Option 

Step 3: Complete the Registration Form 

Step 4: Submit the deposit, or full payment, on the same day as your registration 

Clicking the payment button below confirms that you agree to these statements:

  1. I genuinely care for my students and am committed to helping both them and me succeed.

  2. I understand that the YMC program will teach me what to do, and that I am responsible for actually doing it. I accept that like in yoga itself, success will require dedicated practice.

  3. If I miss a session, I will watch the video and complete any homework before the next session.

  4.  I will participate in class and homework assignments in a sober state with minimal distractions.

  5. I will honor my own process and be respectful of other's in the group. I understand that confidentiality and non-discrimination are essential in this learning environment. 

  6. I appreciate that having a slot in this program means that others did not get this opportunity. Therefore, I accept that all payments are non-refundable.

Early PIF Tuition:


Must be paid in full by the date outlined in your group's offer.

If you made a $500 deposit between
June 2019-July 2020, pay $2500 now

PIF: $3000
PMT: $2500

Early Installment Tuition: $3500

$500 deposit

Two payments of $1500. (Payment dates outlined in your group's offer)

Deposit: $500
PMT: $1500

Regular Tuition:


$500 deposit 

$1500 on Jan. 1, 2021

$1000 on April 1, 2021

$1000 on July, 1 2021

PMT: $1000

All major credit cards accepted via PayPal.  Paypal also has a 6 month financing plan.

Yoga Mindset Coaching™
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